SMS Marketing

Services with Sender-id SMS Blast

(via Singapore server)

Blast sms @ 3-cents or M1's Premium 5-cents
Our flagship sms blasting engine utilises M1 Enterprise Messaging servers @ 4 to 5 cents per outgoing sms. At the middle-tier level, we also offer sender-id sms with delivery reports @ 3 to 4.9 cents per outgoing sms.
We do not sell, trade or disclose your mobile database to external parties.
Our strict adherence to the Non-Disclosure Agreement is guaranteed; it is proven to our clients by the seeding method.
Zero Upfront. No contracts. Post-paid.
No sms software charges or any other fees except per sms broadcast. No signing of contracts. Invoices will be sent out at the end of the month according to the number of sms blasted. No payment is required if there is no broadcast of sms on a particular month. See pricing.
Email Marketing
The same replyx sms blasting features are duplicated for edm so you can have sms marketing & edm broadcast in one system.

In addition, we added tracking for email delivery | hard bounce | soft bounce | opens | clicks | unsub. We will also check for spam traps & frequent complainers before activating your email broadcast.

The key component of edm is to acheive highest delivery of emails to the inbox. Our email servers uses full set of authentication methods available in the market; SPF | Sender-ID | Domain Keys | DKIM | Reverse DNS | Fixed IP Servers.

Click here to view our email servers sender score.
Sender score, provided by, is a comprehensive reputation database covering email senders worldwide. Scores range from 0 to 100. Our server scores are mostly at the 90s.
Reseller | API | Web Service
Focus on your core technology and work with us to retain your existing clients. Our sms broadcast services have been engines behind the scene for recognized products such as microsoft-dynamics and sales-force as well as many other pos and crm software.
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